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10x10 Room's Guiding Principle

At 10x10 Room, we build games that respect our players.

What does that mean?

Respect players’ lives. That is, respect that you have lives beyond our games, and that this is a good thing. Our games don’t try to take over your life, or draw you away from other activities - even other games. We like to build games that fit into your life, rather than forcing you to fit your life around our game. We like games that connect you with other people, rather than diminishing your social life.

Respect players’ intelligence. We believe games do not have to be written for the lowest common denominator. The stories we tell are deep, and do not always come to a clean conclusion. Our game mechanics can be novel and challenging. This doesn’t mean we set out to make things difficult - we work hard to make everything understandable - but it does mean we don’t dumb anything down.

Respect players as people. We want our friends and families to feel welcome playing our games. We don’t objectify women in our images or our plots, or play on familiar, negative stereotypes of any sort. Nobody should feel disrespected by any aspect of our work.

Respect players’ ideas. Most of our best ideas for improving our games come from our players. We commit ourselves to listening to all the feedback we get, whether we like that feedback or not. Our players tell us they are excited that we get in real conversations with them; this makes us proud.

Respect players’ pocketbooks. Yes, we are a business, and to keep that business running we need revenue. We feel no shame in bringing in money - as long as we are providing real value to our players. We don’t try to suck you in with the promise of “free” play, only to leave you with a game that’s a grind if you don’t pony up. We tell you the deal up front, and let you decide whether we are providing an experience worth your hard-earned cash.